cyCombine allows for robust integration of single-cell cytometry datasets within
and across technologies

R Package on GitHub

This page contains eight vignettes, which cover a range of different topics related to the use of
cyCombine for batch correction and panel merging. Some vignettes also include extended discussions
of the approaches. The article introducing cyCombine is published in Nature Communications.

If you have any issues or questions regarding the use of cyCombine, please do not hesitate to raise an issue on GitHub. In this way, others may also benefit from the answers and discussions.

Reference manual

Performance benchmarking

Vignette for batch effect detection

Vignette for panel merging module

Vignette for pure CyTOF example

Vignette for two-panel CyTOF example

Vignette for spectral flow cytrometry and CyTOF integration

Vignette for Spectral flow cytometry, CITE-seq, and CyTOF integration